Refuting Criminal Drug Charge Myths

Drugs have the power to destroy lives and families, and an addiction to drugs can lead a person to engage in numerous criminal activities. When facing a criminal drug charge, it is important for you to be as informed as possible to ensure your rights are protected and that you make informed decisions throughout the process. By dispelling these two myths about drug convictions, you will find yourself in a stronger position when navigating this serious legal challenge.

Facing Criminal Charges Of Animal Abuse Or Neglect: How You Can Fight It

If you are facing criminal charges of animal abuse or neglect, you may still be able to fight the charges or get a lesser sentence with the help of a criminal defense attorney. Some states have pretty steep punishments for those found guilty of general animal abuse, while other states have lesser fines for first offenses. In many cases your lawyer can help you fight the charges if any of the following apply.

Are You Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment? Get A Lawyer

If you have gotten into trouble at work because someone is trying to say that you sexually harassed them in some way, you want to contact a criminal attorney and get representation right away. You will want to make sure that you have someone to represent you if your employer tries to fire you, or if this person wants to press charges against you. There are a lot of different things that are considered harassment and you may not even know what incident the claimed victim is even talking about.

4 Things You Can't Expect From Your Defense Attorney

You should expect your defense attorney to work hard on your behalf to defend you and to help you be treated fairly by the criminal justice system.  But there are four things that you can't reasonably expect them to do or to do. 1. They can't keep incriminating evidence safe for you. If you committed a crime using a weapon, you can't turn it over to your lawyer and expect this to be kept out of trial or out of the prosecution's hands under client-attorney privilege.

How To Seal Or Remove A Drug Charge

When you are applying for a job, you may be asked to fill out a form to give permission for your employer to perform a criminal background check. The employer discovers that you have a prior drug charge on your record and declines to hire you. Fortunately, there are ways you can handle this situation in the future to reduce the odds that your employer will refuse to hire you.

Faqs Of Choosing An Executor For Your Estate

One of the biggest decisions you must make when creating a will is determining who you want to serve as the executor of your estate. The executor is responsible for a number of tasks, including paying final bills and distributing your assets to your heirs. If you are in the process of selecting an executor, here is what you should know.  Can You Name More Than One Person? Co-executors are not unheard of, but whether or not it is the right move is debatable.

Why the Police May Arrest You without a Warrant

In most cases, police officers can only arrest you if they have a valid arrest warrant. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Here are five examples of situations in which you may be arrested without a warrant: Witness to a Crime An officer who sees you committing a crime doesn't have to get a warrant to arrest you. For example, if a police officer sees you inhaling an illegal drug, then he or she can arrest you without a warrant.

Holiday Air Travel: Some Tips For Avoiding Trouble

In 2014, around 24 million people used the airports for travel around Thanksgiving. If you're planning on traveling by plane this year to visit relatives or friends, keep in mind that there are rules about traveling with marijuana or alcohol that need to be followed. Ignore those rules and you could face travel delays, fines, interrogation by TSA officials, and even arrest. This is what you should know about flying with medical marijuana and alcohol.