Proving My Innocence

Were You Pulled Over For A DUI And Think Your Social Status Is Why? Get A Lawyer Fast

If you have been caught drinking and driving, and you had alcohol in the car, you want to hire a criminal lawyer and not a traffic lawyer. If you think you are a target because of your career or social status, getting a lawyer before talking with anyone is best.

You could be facing misdemeanor or felony charges, depending on what offense this was and how intoxicated you were. A high quality lawyer can work to help you fight the criminal charges you face, and work to have the charges reduced or dismissed. Here are a few strategies your lawyer could possibly pursue to deal with the case.

Faulty Equipment

Your lawyer will want to see the equipment that was used to diagnose your BAC. If you used a breathalyzer machine, your lawyer could want it tested and calibrated for accuracy. If it isn't accurate or shows flaws, then the results can't be used against you in court. If the cop used other faulty equipment while testing your sobriety, this is ideal evidence for your case.


Do you believe that you were set up, or that you were encouraged to get behind the wheel so you would be pulled over? If so, your lawyer may be able to use entrapment for the defense. There are a lot of different pieces of evidence and proof that will be needed for this defense, but if you were a target you can use the entrapment to get out of the charges, and possibly to take legal action against the police force.

Plea Deal

After seeing what type of defense options are available, the lawyer will decide if a plea deal is your best potential outcome. The plea deal would mean you admit some guilt to a crime, not necessarily a DUI, and then your lawyer negotiates a sentence for you. You can use the plea deal as leverage to get charged with a less serious offense, or to minimize the jail time, fines, or other punishments you are facing.

You don't want to explain anything to the police or argue, and you shouldn't talk with anyone until you have a criminal lawyer with you for questioning. You don't know if someone is trying to target you and if they want to charge you with multiple crimes, and what type of trouble you may face if you say the wrong thing. Hire a criminal lawyer, like Daniel M Hernandez Esquire, and get your case started.