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Three Questions To Pose When You're Trying To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

Trouble with the law can land you in hot water, but it's possible to cool the water off by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. If you've had prior experiences with the criminal justice system, you'll likely have an attorney in mind, but if you're new to this situation, it's important to find someone to stand up for you right away. Even though time is of the essence, it's valuable to speak to a couple different attorneys, such as Walsh Fewkes Sterba, to talk about their legal specialties and also discuss rates. Here are three valuable questions that you should make sure to include in your conversation.

What's The Likelihood Of My Case Being Dismissed?

Although the average criminal defense attorney has experience representing clients who are accused of a wide range of criminal actions, it's ideal to hire someone who has experience in cases similar to yours. This background means that when you ask about the likelihood of having your case dismissed, the attorney will be able to consider past similar cases and give you an honest estimate. Hearing this answer is especially beneficial if you're completely new to the criminal justice system and you'd likely have no idea of whether the case against you is strong or weak.

What Would Be The Likely Outcome Of Plea Bargaining?

In many criminal cases, the attorney enters a plea bargain to reach a favorable outcome instead of going through the time and expense of going to trial. If you feel that it's in your best interest to reach a decision in your case and move on with your life as soon as possible, you might be open the idea of the a plea bargain. Based on the specifics of your case and even the jurisdiction in which you're accused, the attorney can look at legal precedents and past experiences of his or her own to suggest how a plea bargain would likely turn out.

What Next Steps Should I Take?

While you shouldn't expect the criminal defense attorney to lay out a comprehensive strategy for you until you're officially hired him or her, asking about the next steps to take can give you an idea of the attorney's approach to your case. For example, if you've been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, the attorney might recommend that you enter an alcohol rehabilitation facility immediately, as doing so can show remorse to the court. The steps -- even if they're brief at this point -- that the attorney suggests for you can instill confidence that you're talking to the best person to represent you.