Proving My Innocence

Getting Just Punishment In A DUI Case: What A Lawyer Can Do

Did your poor decision to drive under the influence (DUI) of alcohol leave an innocent victim with a bad injury? Being that you are guilty of the crime, the best step forward is hiring a lawyer to help you get just punishment in court. Discover in this article how a lawyer can help you with your DUI case and the injury that you caused.

How Can a Lawyer Assist a DUI Defendant in an Injury Case?

You will first have to consult with your lawyer and give details about your history of drinking alcohol before the case is built. He or she will want to know if you are a habitual drinker; or if the DUI incident was an isolated situation. Be truthful with everything that you say to make sure your credibility remains strong in court. Honesty also allows the lawyer to have a defense ready for anything that the prosecuting may bring up against you. Your lawyer will keep the conversation confidential unless you agree that portions of what you said can be stated in court.

What Happens When the Lawyer Begins Building a Defense?

Your criminal background will be the main focus for building your defense. The lawyer will get a copy of your criminal record because it can prove that you are not a habitual criminal if you don't have a big arrest history. Finding character witnesses that can speak in court will also be found by your lawyer. The key will be trying to get you a sentence that does not involve jail time, such as an alcohol treatment instead. As for the injured victim, the lawyer will simply make sure you are not sued to pay more money than you deserve.

What Will a DUI Lawyer Charge for Helping Out?

Being that your case is going to court and can possibly turn into a trial; your lawyer is likely to charge you by the hour. The hourly rate will be at least $100 or more, but it will depend on how complex proving your case is. Don't prepare to just pay the minimum hourly rate upfront, as you will have to pay a retainer fee that is more than the hourly rate. The hourly rate is deducted from the retainer fee so the lawyer will know he or she isn't working in vain. Talk to a lawyer like Kayle Jackson and get your DUI case represented by a professional who can defend your rights.