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Refuting Criminal Drug Charge Myths

Drugs have the power to destroy lives and families, and an addiction to drugs can lead a person to engage in numerous criminal activities. When facing a criminal drug charge, it is important for you to be as informed as possible to ensure your rights are protected and that you make informed decisions throughout the process. By dispelling these two myths about drug convictions, you will find yourself in a stronger position when navigating this serious legal challenge.

Myth: Drug Offenses Always Require Jail Time

There is a common belief that a drug conviction will automatically entail jail time. If you are found guilty, many states leave sentencing to a judge, and they may consider many factors when deciding on a punishment. For example, an individual with no criminal history and a charge for a small amount of drugs may be able to escape jail time by opting for a drug treatment program and probation. To give yourself the best chance for a lighter sentencing, you should hire an experienced drug defense attorney to represent you throughout these proceedings.

Myth: A Youthful Drug Conviction Will Tarnish A Person's Record For Life

For parents with children that are facing drug charges, it is easy to worry about your child's life being ruined. However, you should know that it is common for courts to seal the criminal record of minors. This is done to ensure that a child's life is not permanently destroyed by a reckless or poor decision.

In some cases, the prosecutor may attempt to charge your child as an adult. If this happens, the records might not be sealed when the proceedings are concluded. In these instances, you will have to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney to argue against charging your child as an adult as well as making sure any records of the incident are sealed by the court. While this may lead to a lengthy battle with the prosecutor, it may be the best option for protecting your child's future.

Facing a drug-related criminal charge can be a stressful experience for anyone to go through due to the consequences of being convicted. If you have found yourself or your child facing a drug charge, you need to understand that jail time is not always automatic and that it may be possible to seal a minor's criminal record. Knowing these two things will help you to go through this process as informed as possible.