Proving My Innocence

Three Reasons to Step Away from Your Child's Case After Hiring a Defense Attorney

If your child has been accused of a crime and must go to trial, it can be easy for you to get wrapped up in their case. For many parents, it is easy to feel as if what is happening to your child is happening to you. If your child is going to go to trial, finding an excellent criminal-defense attorney will be the first step toward beating the charges. Here is why you should consider disengaging from your child's case after hiring a criminal-defense attorney

You need to be the voice of reason

One of the things that most parents are for their child is the voice of reason. If you are involved in the day-to-day meetings with the attorney, researching of the case, and other issues involved with the case, you may become mentally and emotionally exhausted. Chances are your child will also feel worse. If you want to be there for them, you should disengage from the day-to-day pieces of the case so that you have the strength and energy to be there for your child to talk to when necessary. 

You may easily be dismissed

It is not uncommon for parents, both of guilty and innocent individuals, to insist that their children are unfairly accused. This is so common that the parents can sometimes be considered a nuisance by the public and judicial system. Parents who become interested in vindicating their child may be more outspoken, and that can sometimes have adverse effects. It is best to provide help through support to your child and to the attorney. This type of help will also be appreciated at all times and not be dismissed. 

You can't feel responsible

By getting involved in your child's case, it could be easy for you to get swept into what went wrong. If your child is pleading innocent to the case, you may be concerned about how they found themselves in this position. If they are pleading guilty to a crime, you may start to wonder what you did to lead them down a path that could get them in trouble. Assigning yourself blame and feeling responsibility for your child's case could be unhealthy for you. Instead of getting involved in all of the aspects of the case and taking on responsibility, you should provide moral support. No matter the outcome of the case, your child will need you to help them rebuild the pieces of their life.