Proving My Innocence

Are You Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment? Get A Lawyer

If you have gotten into trouble at work because someone is trying to say that you sexually harassed them in some way, you want to contact a criminal attorney and get representation right away. You will want to make sure that you have someone to represent you if your employer tries to fire you, or if this person wants to press charges against you.

There are a lot of different things that are considered harassment and you may not even know what incident the claimed victim is even talking about. Before you meet with your attorney, make sure you gather the following things.

Email Records

Do you have a trail of email records that shows you were nothing but polite and friendly, and that you never tried to communicate with her through email in any type of inappropriate way? Can you show where she initiated contact, or show what projects you were working on with each other? If so, this can be used as defense that you kept things professional while communicating.

Text Messages and Voicemails

Were the two of you involved romantically and you aren't sure why she would say that there was any type of harassment, or was the flirting a two way street? Do you have any type of text messages or voicemails from the victim with her saying that she wants to hang out with you or see you? If there are messages where she is being flirty with you, or if you have posts from social media accounts, these are things to take to your lawyer.

 Eye Witness Statements

Do you have coworkers that will vouch that you aren't the type of person that would harass someone or make someone feel uncomfortable, and that what you shared with this other employee was strictly professional or consensual? If so, this coworker may be a great person to take the stand for the case, or you could have them write a letter to your lawyer.

You shouldn't disclose any information with your employer or tell them things that they may try to use against you if this person decides they are going to press charges against you. Talk with a criminal lawyer so you can fight the charges against you, or prepare before for the case that you may have in front of you. Your lawyer can contact your employer and let them know they need to be present for any interviews.

For professional legal help, contact a law firm such as Cross, LaCross, & Murphy PLLC.