Proving My Innocence

Accused Of A Sex Crime? What To Do

Dating is a fun and common activity, but there are times when it can lead to peril for one of the people involved. Being accused of a sex crime when you know you're innocent can be demoralizing and scary. Not only is someone claiming you've done something awful, but you could face legal trouble and prison. When you feel your entire life is at risk because of these accusations, use these suggestions.

See Lawyer First

If the police arrive with questions, you might feel pressure to talk. However, if possible, lawyer contact is the primary goal. Tell the police you'd prefer having your counsel present. If talking with officers has already happened because you were afraid, reaching a sex crimes expert is critical. They know which protections apply and may even have your initial questioning thrown out.

Keep All Records

It's important that texts, emails, pictures, and other contact with your accuser are kept. Some of those things may have embarrassing exchanges, and you may feel deeply ashamed of some of what you've said in private. After all, you never expected this. However, fight urges to delete certain texts or pictures. A full picture is vital for lawyers to build a defensive case.

Avoid Contact

If the accuser is someone with whom you share history, this accusation could still be unbelievable to you. You may have feelings of betrayal and confusion. If you think you know the reason they've accused you, you may still attempt contact to soothe them or get them to drop the case. That contact should never happen. Continued contact keeps you vulnerable to additional charges of all kinds. In addition, you may only feel more dejected and horrified about the accuser's attitude and what they're doing.

Keep Quiet

Your own feelings could erupt and lashing out could seem like the only thing you can do. You might start name-calling your accuser and encourage mutual friends to help you. This could have negative, unexpected consequences. Instead, go "dark" with your social life and online profiles. Don't allow the accuser's counsel to use your grief and anger against you.

Get Support

While many will be shocked by the accusations and avoid you, family members and true friends will stay steadfast. Identify those who will listen to rants about the situation, make your meals and quietly watch TV with you. They'll keep your spirits up and keep you from becoming too morose about the accusations.

False accusations will be fought in local courts; avoid despair with these pointers. Sex crime attorneys can further advise.